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    Suffering a personal injury can be a devastating experience. Traumatic accidents can require extensive medical treatment and force you to miss work, leaving you with a tremendous financial burden and affecting your overall quality of life.

    If another party was at fault for the accident that caused your injuries, you have the right to seek compensation. Even so, it is necessary to approach your case from a position of strength, as state laws require you to prove that an accident was entirely the fault of the defendant to obtain any compensation.
    A Richmond personal injury lawyer could aggressively promote your interests and work to protect your rights during every part of the claim while you focus on your health.

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    To better serve you, CLG offers both Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury under one roof.
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    Justice starts with CLG. Our exceptional team is redefining the client experience and works side by side with you to fight for full compensation of your losses.

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    Your case started when someone else harmed you. Justice starts at Commonwealth Law Group.

    Dedicated personal injury firms possess the time and resources needed to pursue a claim in the most effective manner. Many cases are complex and may require many months of filling out paperwork, collecting hard-to-gather evidence, and submitting proper forms to insurance companies and courts. A Richmond accident attorney could handle all the necessary steps to promote a case, allowing the victim to focus on healing.

    The Role of a Personal Injury Attorney

    Injury victims often stand a much better chance for achieving their desired outcome if they work with an attorney. Skilled lawyers understand how the law applies to particular situations and how to effectively pursue a claim for fair compensation.

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    Suffering a personal injury is always a difficult experience. These incidents can affect every portion of your life from your physical health to your finances. It is essential to handle any potential personal injury claim in a way that maximizes your chances for success and protects your legal rights.

    One major advantage of working with a lawyer is their knowledge of the law. While the basic framework for negligence applies to most personal injury cases, the process for proving that a defendant owed an injured plaintiff a duty of care varies on a case-by-case basis. A failure to prove this element of a claim will see a case fail. An attorney’s extensive knowledge of the law may give a case its best chance for meeting the legal requirements to succeed.

    A Richmond personal injury lawyer could provide the help that you need to collect fair payments for your losses. From collecting evidence and evaluating the strength of your case to examining medical records and insurance claim forms, to representing your interests in settlement talks and court, working with a skilled personal injury firm could increase your chances for success. Call today to schedule a consultation and discuss your case.

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