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About Gianna Fioravante

Gianna Fioravante is a paralegal at Commonwealth Law Group. She works on Section 1983 and civil rights lawsuits, as well as workers’ compensation and personal injury cases. Gianna earned her bachelor’s degree in Political Science from West Virginia University.

Prior to starting at Commonwealth Law Group in 2015, Gianna worked at a law firm in West Virginia, where she grew up. She knew from the time she was a kid that she wanted to work in the legal field, and she says that her job as a paralegal helps her fulfill her childhood dream of doing good in the world.

“The thing I love most about working on civil rights and Section 1983 cases is that we are able to help a segment of the population who has been treated horribly and denied basic human rights afforded by the Constitution. Every day, I do everything in my power to compensate for those injustices.” And while Gianna’s years of experience working with attorney Seth Carroll on these complex cases gives her a unique skillset at CLG, she also enjoys the process of working with her clients on workers’ compensation and personal injury cases. “I really appreciate that I can come in to work and make someone’s day by helping their case reach a settlement or recoup losses they should not have had to incur,” says Gianna.

Outside of work, Gianna is an avid reader, especially of science fiction and fantasy. She also loves playing trivia, as long as someone else knows the sports answers!

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