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If you were hurt due to another’s negligence, you may have a valid personal injury claim under Virginia law. Compiling evidence to prove fault is not always a straightforward or easy task, however. For advice and guidance through the claims process, many injury victims choose to retain a Hanover County personal injury lawyer. An experienced attorney can help you recover the compensation that you deserve.

Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

Some of the most common cases that result in personal injury claims include:

  • Car and truck collisions
  • Slips and falls on property belonging to others
  • Motorcycle, pedestrian, and bicyclist crashes
  • Workplace accidents

Damages in personal injury claims depend on the severity, permanency, and extent of the injuries and associated losses. Injuries that cause permanent impairment, for instance, are likely to result in more extensive losses. A personal injury lawyer in Hanover County can advocate on behalf of injury victims seeking various forms of compensation.

Potential damages might include specialist visits, surgical costs, rehabilitation expenses, and medication. Medical assistive devices and modifications to homes and vehicles to accommodate permanent disabilities may also be compensable in a personal injury action. For individuals who are unable to work again, compensation for lost wages and loss of earning capacity may also be available.

Contributory Negligence

Most states allow accident victims to recover damages from negligent parties even if they bear some fault for their own accidents. Virginia, however, ascribes to pure contributory negligence, which bars injury victims from recovery if they bear any responsibility for the incident. For example, an injury victim who was even one percent responsible for the accident cannot recover damages.

There is at least one exception that can garner injury victims some relief under these circumstances. The legal doctrine of “last clear chance” may enable partially-responsible injury victims to pursue other parties for compensation in some cases. As this issue can be complicated, consulting a personal injury attorney in Hanover County may be beneficial.

Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Claims

Every jurisdiction sets specific timeframes for filing different kinds of lawsuits, including personal injury claims. Under Virginia Code § 8.01-243, injury victims have only two years from the date of their accidents to file their personal injury claims. Failure to meet this deadline can prevent them from seeking any compensation for injuries sustained in an accident, no matter how negligent the other party may be.

Consulting legal counsel as soon as possible following an accident may be the most effective means of ensuring compliance with the statute of limitations. Pursuing these claims in a timely fashion can be crucial to the success of a personal injury claim.

Work with a Hanover County Personal Injury Attorney

Whether you have sustained severe injuries in a car accident or slipped in the local grocery store, you may be entitled to damages if the negligence of others caused your injuries. Pursuing compensation can enable you to get the medical care and income that you need while you recover from your injuries. A Hanover County personal injury lawyer can also help you hold negligent parties accountable for their wrongful conduct.

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