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In Hanover County, car accidents that take place on major roadways or back roads are common. On I-95, it happens all the time, especially when there is stop-and-go traffic. Drivers using cellphones or otherwise not paying attention may be unaware when traffic suddenly comes to a stop, and they may end up plowing right into the back of somebody else.

There are several key elements keep in mind regarding car accidents on Hanover County interstate highways. For more information about how to avoid these types of wrecks or what to do after one occurs, talk to an experienced car accident lawyer.

What to Do After a Crash on the Interstate

Getting in a car accident on a major road is different from an accident that takes place on a standard street. After a crash on a major highway, oncoming traffic typically keeps on coming, potentially making the accident scene more hazardous.

If there are no severe injuries, it is generally good practice to take pictures of the incident and catalog what happened, but on the interstate it may be more important to get those vehicles off to the side of the road for both the safety of the other drivers on the roadway and themselves. If someone has a roadside kit, they should deploy the flares, deploy the reflective warning triangles, and do whatever else they can to alert other drivers of the danger until the police arrive and are able to secure the road.

When someone is involved in an accident on a highway or a major road, the first step after ensuring their own safety should always be to call the police. After the police are able to secure the scene and everyone is taken away for medical treatment, it is prudent to take steps to secure a lawyer to learn about available legal options.

The Impact of Highway Speed

Physics dictates that the faster a car is going, the more energy there is behind it. Coupled with the mass of the typical commuter car, this speed means that interstate accidents in Hanover County usually result in airbag deployment, significant structural damage to the cars, and often much more serious injuries.

With few instructional signs and basic laws to follow, speeding also contributes to causing highway accidents differently than it does to street accidents. When an individual is driving on an urban street, they may be a little bit more aware of hazards that can pop out and other things that can occur suddenly, and they may have more time to react.

At higher speeds, drivers have far less reaction time when something appears in the roadway, whether that is a car stopping, a deer jumping into traffic, or anything else. And of course, because speed is involved, when an accident does occur, it is usually much more serious.

Learn More from a Qualified Car Crash Attorney

All told, car accidents that occur on interstates are often the most dangerous and deadly type of crash seen in Hanover County. Given the potential severity of damages that may stem from this kind of wreck, civil recovery may be particularly important for anyone injured on the highway. Consider consulting a seasoned auto accident lawyer if you or a loved one was hurt while driving on the interstate.

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