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Most people injured in an accident do not have to worry about taking part in a courtroom trial. Many cases tend to be settled before it reaches that point. If you do find yourself needing a trial in order to recover damages, you should work with a dedicated car accident attorney. They can help you plan for every step of the process and know what to expect in a trial for a car accident trial in Hanover County.

The Trial Process for Hanover County Auto Accidents

Once a car crash trial begins in Hanover County, both the plaintiff and defendant are allowed to voice opening statements that will preview the arguments they plan to make. The respective lawyers are the ones who do most of the talking in a trial.

The two sides are allowed to present their evidence in an attempt to convince the judge or jury of their view of how the accident occurred. Various documents and photographs can be submitted into evidence, as well as witness testimony. Expert witnesses can be used to provide neutral analysis of the situation. Litigators often focus on poor weather, compensable damages, and establishing fault. The plaintiff’s attorney can try to show that the accident would have been avoided if not for the defendant’s negligence. A lawyer must prove how the defendant was liable for the crash and should compensate the damages.

Once all evidence has been discussed, the two sides have one final chance to summarize their stories and rebut the opposing arguments. After the closing statements, the jury or judge will deliberate and render a verdict.

How Order is Determined to Give Statements

Both sides make opening statements, with the plaintiff going first. The plaintiff’s lawyer lays out the case that they have against the defendant, and then the defendant can give an opening statement. The plaintiff and defendant both have an opportunity to make closing arguments, with the plaintiff’s counsel having the option to issue a rebuttal to the defense lawyer’s argument.

If there are multiple defendants involved in a Hanover County auto collision case, they can each have their own attorney and opportunity to make opening and closing statements. With more than one defendant, there could be multiple sources of recovery under joint civil liability.

Are Car Accidents Tried by a Judge or a Jury?

The defense team can demand a jury trial if the damages under consideration is higher than a certain amount. On the other hand, they may want the case to be decided by a judge if they believe a jury will be too sympathetic to the plaintiff or too hostile to the defendant. In general district court, all cases are handled by a judge. Ultimately, there is little that the defendant can do to prevent a Hanover County auto collision case from going to a jury trial unless they are in general district court.

Other Factors to Consider

The injured individual might be worried about having private health information uncovered in a trial. A plaintiff could file a motion in limine to avoid talking about non-relevant health conditions. However, if the health condition is related to the accident or injuries, the defense has a right to ask about it.

Litigation can last a long time depending on factors such as court availability, the availability of the parties, the evidence that is discovered, or other external factors that limit the ability to conduct a trial.

Even once a trial has started, settlement negotiations can continue or resume. There is no obligation to finish a trial if an agreement is reached in that time.

Prepare for a Hanover County Car Crash Trial with Help from an Attorney

If a defendant’s insurance company refuses to fairly compensate for the injuries you sustained, going to trial may be the only solution. You should retain the services of a lawyer who has prior experience litigating personal injury cases and knows the best ways to fight for a positive outcome. A lawyer can be your advocate during a car accident trial in Hanover County. Reach out today to discuss your unique situation.

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