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Accidents and injuries are a fact of life, but when careless or reckless conduct causes these accidents, the person responsible for the harm should be held accountable. A Henrico County personal injury lawyer could assist if you suffered injuries due to the careless, irresponsible behavior of others.

You may be entitled to compensation for both economic losses and also intangible harms, such as pain and suffering. However, it is wise to avoid delay before seeking experienced legal counsel because the passage of time can make it more difficult to bring a successful claim.

The Advantages of Working with a Legal Representative

The process for filing a successful civil lawsuit can be daunting for someone who does not have experience with it. This is one of many reasons why it is advisable to work with a Henrico County personal injury attorney after an accident.

How Can a Lawyer Deal with Insurance Companies?

Many personal injury claims are handled by insurance companies that operate with the goal of keeping their costs as low as possible. Sometimes, they may be quick to offer a settlement, but that settlement may not provide fair compensation for a victim’s injuries and their future needs. An experienced lawyer could evaluate the circumstances of a claimant’s case to determine a reasonable amount of damages for their situation.

While are trying to obtain information about a claim, insurance companies may also be trying to collect statements from the injured victim that could be used against them as an admission of liability. Advice and representation from a knowledgeable attorney could help protect a victim’s interests and preserve their right to compensation.


To recover compensation for a personal injury, it is necessary to prove that the negligence or wrongdoing of another caused the injury. Proof of liability is established with evidence, so it is critical to collect and preserve it as soon as possible. As time passes, it can become more difficult to locate witnesses, and their memory may be less reliable.

Types of Personal Injury Claims

People can suffer injuries due to a nearly limitless array of causes. Some common situations giving rise to personal injury lawsuits include:

A personal injury law firm in Henrico County could assist with filing a claim and building a case when an injured victim is seeking recovery through a civil lawsuit.

What is the Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Claims?

Personal injury claimants have a limited time to file a claim for compensation. This deadline, established by the statute of limitations, is two years from the date of injury in most cases. However, if a government entity is a party in someone’s claim, the deadline could come much quicker. In other situations, however, the deadline can be extended. A Henrico County lawyer with experience handling accident cases could help ensure compliance with all requirements and deadlines.

Consult a Henrico County Personal Injury Attorney

After suffering an injury in an accident, you may be wondering whether you have a claim or whether it is too soon to talk to an attorney. The fact is, it is never too early to seek legal advice. A Henrico County personal injury lawyer could evaluate your circumstances and explain your options for recovery. For a consultation to learn how a personal injury lawyer could help in your case, call now.

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