Premises liability lawyers in Richmond provide legal recourse to victims injured due to dangerous or unsafe conditions on property. In Virginia, the law states that property owners have a legal obligation to maintain their property/premises reasonably safe. If the property owner does not keep their property reasonably safe and someone is injured due to the unsafe condition, that property owner can be held responsible.

The personal injury lawyers at Commonwealth Law Group are committed to helping victims injured due to the negligence of others. Our law firm has represented clients in all types of premises liability accident cases and have the experience and expertise to help our clients achieve fair compensation.

We have helped a number of injury and accident victims recover money damages for preventable and negligent accidents in

  • parking lots
  • shopping centers
  • apartment complexes
  • and many other commercial properties.

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While it is the responsibility of the property owner to keep the property as safe as possible, it can be very difficult to prove that the property owner should be held accountable.  A simple “slip and fall” does not mean that the owner of that property where the injury occurred should be held responsible.  Premises liability lawyers are experts in understanding your situation and evaluating what is the correct course of action for you.  Once an injury occurs on someone else’s property, an immediate investigation from our premise liability lawyers will take place, helping to make sure all witnesses and evidence is fresh and untampered. On certain occasions it is necessary to hire outside experts to assess financial impact, lost wages, and other damages.

If you have been injured on the premises of another –  please contact the premises liability lawyers at the Commonwealth Law Group for a free consultation. We are always here to help in any premises liability case. Justice starts at Commonwealth Law Group.

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