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While there are no official regulatory standards that define inadequate or negligent security in Virginia, there are still some situations in which a proprietor or manager may face liability. Each business will engage the type of security they feel is necessary and appropriate, but someone might still be grievously injured in spite of the proprietor’s best efforts and intentions. A skilled premises liability attorney may be able to help you establish inadequate or negligent security liability in Richmond.

Duty to Prevent Foreseeable Harm

In security cases, the property owner’s or manager’s duty of protection from foreseeable harm is almost none. In Virginia, it is difficult, if not impossible, to assign liability to somebody for the actions of a third-party. This means that it is rare for anybody to recover financial damages for an injury in these cases.

In Virginia, there are no foreseeable crimes. The only way to win a security case alleging that somebody should have protected them when they did not is to show that they had some sort of special relationship with that person such that they took on a specific duty to protect them in the face of known criminal activity. However, this does sometimes occur with common carriers, buses, and airplanes. In these situations, they have established that special relationship in which they have to protect them from other criminals.

Burden of Proof to Establish Security Liability in Richmond

In general, in Virginia, the rule is that if a third-party causes harm through intentional criminal conduct, there is nobody to hold liable. It is essential that people contact an attorney as soon as possible if they believe that they have a case. Understanding when a case is valid and worth pursuing is difficult without experience. In some other cases, there may be grounds for a federal suit if someone is injured while they are incarcerated. As with all personal injury cases in Richmond, a plaintiff has two years to file any claim.

Learn How a Richmond Attorney Could Help After a Negligent Security Injury

Navigating a personal injury or premises liability can be very complicated, but with the help of a dedicated attorney, you may be able to discover if you have a viable complaint.  Unfortunately, there are almost no situations where an attorney or plaintiff could establish inadequate and negligent security liability in Richmond. However, if there is a specific type of relationship between a defendant and plaintiff to provide a secure environment, damages may be available.

A lawyer could stand by your side by discovering whether or not you have a valid claim, all the way through to potential settlement negotiations or trial. After an injury on someone else’s property where you expect to be safe, you may be left with extensive medical bills, lost wages from missed work during recovery, and significant pain and suffering. To protect your rights against insurance companies and the responsible party, schedule a free case consultation to learn more about any compensation you may be entitled to. Call now to get started.

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