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Our Results

In all cases, settlements and verdicts will depend on many different factors and circumstances unique to each case. Past results in cases can in no way guarantee or predict similar results in future cases which our attorneys may undertake.


Civil Rights

In February 2015, attorney Seth Carroll and Attorney Jonathan Halperin of the Halperin Law Center obtained a record-setting $3,840,000 civil rights settlement on behalf of our client, a resident of the Richmond City Jail who suffered a catastrophic heat stroke and permanent debilitating injuries while serving a 6-month sentence. This settlement is believed to be the largest civil rights settlement of its kind in the history of Virginia.


Slip and Fall

In October 2012, attorney Seth Carroll and attorney Benjamin Andrews of AndrewsBrown PLC successfully mediated this case for $1,500,000 against a multi-national company. Our client sustained injuries in a slip and fall accident on black ice. Both liability and causation were contested by the defendant.


Workers’ Compensation

In September 2015, attorney Seth Carroll successfully mediated this complicated workers’ compensation case for $1,400,000. While at work, our client suffered a crush injury resulting in complete paraplegia. A portion of the proceeds were structured which resulted in a total projected future value of $2,065,479. This was the second largest workers’ compensation settlement in Virginia in 2015.


Workers’ Compensation

In 2017, attorney Lauren Carroll successfully resolved a workers’ compensation case in which our client sustained disabling injuries to his lower back while pushing a dumpster at work. He required four back surgeries and is permanently and totally disabled.


Personal Injury

In October 2014, attorney Seth Carroll and attorney Jonathan Halperin of the Halperin Law Center negotiated a settlement of $800,000 in a case involving our client, a freight handler injured by a truck driver who was improperly attempting to assist in loading a “no touch load.” Our client suffered multiple herniated discs in his neck.

$ 725,000

Personal Injury

In 2013, attorneys Seth Carroll and Matthew Lastrapes jointly settled this tragic case in which our client was struck by a vehicle, resulting in severe injuries to her lower body.


Auto Accident

In 2012 attorney Dana Charback settled this rear-end auto accident.  Our client sustained a neck injury that required two cervical fusions, among other injuries.


Workers’ Compensation

In 2015, attorney Jamie Karek resolved this matter in which our client sustained a back injury after falling out of a chair at work.  Our client had serious preexisting back problems and the claim was denied by the insurance company.  Jamie represented our client at hearing, and as a result our client was awarded lifetime medical benefits and ongoing disability benefits.


Workers’ Compensation

In 2015, attorney Lauren Carroll successfully resolved an occupational asthma case. Our client was exposed to mold in a ventilation system while at work, resulting in a respiratory illness known as RADS, Reactive Airway Dysfunction Syndrome, an asthma-like syndrome that develops from a single exposure to high levels of an irritant.


Workers’ Compensation

In 2016, attorney Lauren Carroll successfully resolved a workers’ compensation case in which our client, a tractor trailer truck driver, was driving through snowy, windy conditions, with the snow freezing into ice. The truck jackknifed and was blown into a ditch by the wind. He suffered a severe neck and shoulder injury that required multiple surgeries.

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